Best Food For A Hangover

Sometimes you wake up realizing mistakes were made. Maybe it was that third cocktail or the high-gravity stout. Whatever the culprit, your head’s pounding and your stomach’s off-kilter.

You could drown your regret in a prairie oyster, but rest assured, you can achieve hangover relief without sliding a raw egg down your throat.

Learn which foods can alleviate post-party symptoms and which should be avoided like that plastic cup half full of last night’s beer.

Eat your way out of morning-after misery

Wakey, wakey, eggs and. . .

Eggs are a brunch all-star for a reason. They’re chock full of vitamin B12, which can energize you, and hardworking amino acids, like cysteine and taurine.

Like soda, cysteine also helps clear acetaldehyde from your body. That’s the chemical that causes so much agony after your liver’s done its job of processing that booze.Trusted Source

Speaking of your beleaguered liver, it will be grateful for the taurine, which boosts its function and may help protect it.Trusted Source

Fuel up on potassium powerhouses

Bananas, dates, and leafy greens contain potassium, an important electrolyte that is often depleted after a night of getting sauced. Blend these bad boys into a hangover-fighting smoothie.

Take comfort in soup

Nothing says “wild night out” like a bowl of mom’s famous chicken soup, right? It might not be the most conventional hangover food, but a cup o’ noodles can help replenish sodium and water levels. If you’re not up for solids, sip a bone broth.

Miso soup also makes a great sippable morning-after remedy for vegetarians. Plus, the probiotics can boost gut health, which your gut can probably use.

Nosh on crackers or toast with honey

If you need instant energy, carbs will be your bestie. Crackers and whole-wheat toast are both dry, bland options that will raise blood sugar without roiling your stomach.

Since crackers can be loaded with preservatives, pick a healthier option like Wasa or a 100 percent whole-wheat variety.

Drizzle on the honey for an added boost. Just remember to follow up with some protein when you can to offset the blood-sugar surge.

Spoon in the cereal

When you’re feeling less than stellar in the morning, raid the pantry for oatmeal or a bowl of cereal.

Oatmeal has plenty of essential nutrients like B vitamins, calcium, magnesium, and iron. And most cereals are fortified with vitamins and minerals that will perk you up. Pour yourself a bowl or snack on dry morsels if your stomach isn’t up for dairy. Alternatively, use a plant-based milk.

Drown your hangover in good-for-you fluids

Turn on the tap

Alcohol is a diuretic. That’s why boozing begets all those extra trips to the loo. When your body’s fluids are depleted, your blood volume drops, including in your head — hello, pounding.

Drinking H20 before plopping down on your pillow can help prevent a nagging noggin, but grabbing the water bottle in the morning will also help. Take slow sips or nibble ice chips if your stomach says no way.

Sip those electrolytes

When you drink alcohol, you lose fluids. And when you lose fluids, your body’s electrolytes go with them. Electrolyte depletion can cause those under-the-whiskey-weather symptoms like nausea, dizziness, and exhaustion.

Reach for a Gatorade or similar beverage to restore electrolytes stat. Or pop open a box of coconut water, which has less sugar than many sport drinks.

Finally, one more cure that’s garnered a cult following: Pedialyte, a drink intended for dehydrated kiddos, provides even more sodium and potassium than Gatorade, in far fewer calories.

Pro tip: Drink your electrolytes before bed to ward off the brown-bottle flu.

Bag your symptoms with tea

If you’ve been praying to the porcelain god or your gut is weathering rough seas, reach for some herbal tea. The zing of either ginger or peppermint can soothe the stomach and ease the urge to upchuck.

Juice your hangover

Your choice hangover cure might depend on what’s in your fridge at the moment. If you’re a parent, that just might be your tot’s juice box.

One study found that diluted apple juice was more effective than an electrolyte maintenance solution in preventing and treating dehydration in ill children.Trusted Source

The same might help you get back to adulting fast. Though unfortunately, the older we get the worse our hangovers get.

Get out of this pickle with some brine

If you’re feeling pickled, why not sip on some pickle juice? Yeah, this hangover remedy is weird, but pickle brine is loaded with sodium, a valuable electrolyte you might be short on after getting nattered.

A shot of the sour concoction may make you feel less puckered and even ease the vise grip on your stomach or head.

Go for a cuppa

If you drink java on a daily basis, stick with your habit. Skipping caffeine if you’re accustomed to it could worsen a headache or bring one on. Plus, there’s no denying the brew gives you an energy boost.

But, while that triple shot of espresso or a random energy drink might sound like the best thing, go easy. Too much caffeine could aggravate a headache since it is a mild diuretic. The acid could also worsen nausea.

Give it a fizzle

Grab a Sprite or a sugar-free seltzer water of your choosing and get to sipping. Soda helps break down acetaldehyde, the headache- and nausea-causing byproduct that’s left over when the liver metabolizes ethanol.

Choices that might make you feel worse

Don’t go for a grease bomb

Contrary to popular belief, heading to the local greasy spoon is not a great idea. A large fatty meal is actually better at preventing a hangover than curing one. After the fact, fried foods can irritate the stomach.

But chowing down on pizza, tacos, or a burger before the liquor starts flowing can help slow the absorption of alcohol into your bloodstream. That could lessen your hangover in the a.m.

Plus, eating a filling meal might help you drink less.

Skip the hair of the dog

There’s that old saying that you should have some “hair of the dog that bit you.” In the case of a hangover, the pooch would be more hooch.

But scientists say this wisdom is bunk. Boozing in the morning is not the solution. An alcoholic beverage — or three — will further dehydrate you and likely lead to worsening hangover symptoms when the buzz wears off.Trusted Source

Avoid the acid

Lay off the OJ after a night on the town. The acid in sour citrus fruits like orange and grapefruit can irritate an already sensitive stomach. Some folks swear by tomato juice for the extra sodium, but if you’re prone to reflux, steer clear.

Let your gut guide you

Unfortunately, there’s no scientific cure for the booze blues, but certain foods and beverages can at least make you feel a bit better or get you back to some level of functioning.

And every person is different. Your friend might swear by breakfast ramen, whereas the thought of noodles in your gullet after a gluttonous night may make you want to vom.

Use your intuition. Are you craving something salty? How about something crunchy? Your hankerings can help guide you to the thing that will best pacify your hangover beast.


Womanhood In South Africa

VICE, the world’s largest independent youth media agency and 1st for Women Insurance recently teamed up to create WOMANHOOD, a film that highlights the women of South Africa, and their stories. 

“In the wake of  the #AmINext movement, we asked the question – what does it mean to be a woman in South Africa today? The answers from a broad cross-section of South African women revealed that we are more than our statistics and our challenges.  We are more than the headlines that dominate the global narrative. We are not victims or survivors but a nation of ‘thrivers’. WOMANHOOD gives a voice to South African women and showcases the stories that connects us as women,” says Casey Rousseau from 1st for Women Insurance.

Public Service workers, including nurses and other hospital workers, school teachers, Home Affairs employeees, picket in the centre of Cape Town 01 June 2007, on the first day of their nation-wide strike, asking for a 12% pay increase, whilst the government is offering 6%. Here, nurses, cleaners, and other workers, working at Groote Schuur Hospital, behind them, picket at the main gate to the hospital. AFP PHOTO/RODGER BOSCH / AFP PHOTO / STRINGER

The film, created by Virtue, the creative agency by VICE,  provides an authentic narrative on the societal issues facing the women of South Africa.

“We developed WOMANHOOD as a visual and audio tapestry that documents the complex narratives that shapes life as a South African women. The film digs in deep to many societal issues from freedom, barriers and body to motherhood, identity, pain and the future. It goes beyond the trivial stereotypical clichés that women are often bound by. It represents the ‘average’ South African woman, but also the women that are not often given a platform or voice,” says Ciaran Bonass, Executive Creative Director, VICE MENA.

The film was developed on the back of research conducted by VICE and 1st for Women that brought about the statement – ‘not yet’.

“Not yet is an answer we often heard when we asked women if they, or a family member, had ever experienced abuse of any kind. ‘Not yet’ singularly defines the expectancy and acceptance of abuse of women in South Africa,” says Rousseau.

Beyond abuse, the film sets out to address many other micro-issues including self-barriers, gender-based workplace issues, the importance of male parenting, sexuality and many more fears which contribute to the larger systemic and patriarchal issues of gender-based violence in the country.

The film is accompanied by impactful and emotive imagery on social media platforms which feature intricate and intimate stories from some of the women featured in the campaign. It provides a space for honest and open conversations and for the women of South Africa to share some of their most complex stories of hope, resilience and strength.

“Women are bonded through shared stories and shared experiences. Our bonds strengthen us, personally and collectively. And the stronger the individual, the stronger the whole.  Together, we have power beyond measure. United, there’s nothing we can’t do,” concludes Rousseau.

Source: iAfrica

Summer Cocktails for a Warm Weather Buzz

Whatever your spirit of choice, here’s how to stay cool through the hottest months.

It’s going to be hot out soon, which means it’ll be time to mix yourself up a cool cocktail filled with ice to stave off the sweat. After all, you don’t want a drink that’s best served inside a dark, quiet bar. You need a drink that transports you to a shaded veranda overlooking the ocean, or a rooftop patio as the sun sets. Sounds nice, right? Whether it’s an ultimate summertime classic like a Mojito or Rosita, or a buzzy Tiki drink with three kinds of rum, here are 21 summer cocktail recipes that are perfect for the warmest months.



• 2 oz. white rum
• 1/2 tsp. superfine sugar
• 1/2 oz. lime juice


Squeeze the lime into your shaker, stir in the sugar, and then add the rum. Shake well with cracked ice, then strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

Jonn the Beachcomber


 1 oz. light rum
 1 oz. barrel-aged rum
 1 oz. 151-proof rum (optional)
 .5 oz. allspice dram
 .5 oz. grenadine
 .75 oz. pineapple juice
 .5 oz. lime juice


Shake ingredients vigorously with ice. Pour over more ice in festive glassware. Garnish with straws, fruit, umbrellas, cocktail toothpicks, flags, sparklers, and whatever else you might have floating around in that kitchen junk drawer. Locate chair. Take it easy.



• 2 oz. white rum
• .5 oz. French vermouth
• 1 oz. pineapple juice
• 1 dash grenadine


Shake ingredients well with cracked ice, then strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

Support The Bokke!

Japan’s “unique” brand of high-tempo attacking rugby will face the acid test when it runs up against the blitz defence of a tough South Africa side in Sunday’s World Cup quarter-final.

The World Cup hosts have already surpassed expectations by topping Pool A, notching up wins over Six Nations giants Ireland and Scotland, as well as Samoa and Russia.

Now the Japanese public want more, and are easily reminded of the Brave Blossoms’ pool victory over the Springboks at the 2015 World Cup, one of the sport’s biggest ever upsets.

“No we won’t be drawing on that at all,” was Japan coach Jamie Joseph’s blunt assessment when asked whether that win four years ago, when just four of today’s side started, was a motivating factor for the match at Tokyo Stadium.

FUKUROI, JAPAN – OCTOBER 04: Mbongeni Mbonambi of South Africa celebrates with teammates after scoring his team’s second try during the Rugby World Cup 2019 Group B game between South Africa v Italy at Shizuoka Stadium Ecopa on October 04, 2019 in Fukuroi, Shizuoka, Japan. (Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images)


South Africa (15-1)

Willie le Roux; Cheslin Kolbe, Lukhanyo Am, Damian de Allende, Makazole Mapimpi; Handre Pollard, Faf de Klerk; Duane Vermeulen, Pieter-Steph du Toit, Siya Kolisi (capt); Lood de Jager, Eben Etzebeth; Frans Malherbe, Bongi Mbonambi, Tendai Mtawarira

Replacements: Malcolm Marx, Steven Kitshoff, Vincent Koch, RG Snyman, Franco Mostert, Francois Louw, Herschel Jantjies, Francois Steyn.

Japan (15-1)

Ryohei Yamanaka; Kotaro Matsushima, Timothy Lafaele, Ryoto Nakamura, Kenki Fukuoka; Yu Tamura, Yutaka Nagare; Kazuki Himeno, Pieter Labuschagne, Michael Leitch (capt); James Moore, Luke Thompson; Koo Ji-won, Shota Horie, Keita Inagaki

Replacements: Atsushi Sakate, Isileli Nakajima, Asaeli Ai Valu, Wimpie van der Walt, Amanaki Lelei Mafi, Fumiaki Tanaka, Rikiya Matsuda, Lomano Lava Lemeki

Japan vs South Africa: Rugby World Cup kick-off time and prediction

Kick off time: Perfect lunchtime fun. The action kicks off at 12:15 SAST on Sunday 20 October 2019. All the action is live on SuperSport 1.

For the RWC, we’ll be using a prediction algorithm from a New Zealand anorak.

Prediction: The algorithm is smiling on South Africa, the Boks are tipped to win by 19 points..

Source: The South African | Additional reporting by AFP/World Rugby.

No More Top Billing!

Cape Town – Saturday will see the end of another of the SABC’s last remaining top legacy brands.

Top Billing on SABC3 has been cancelled after 25 years as the South African public broadcaster can longer afford to pay for it.

Sowetan Live first reported of the show’s cancellation. As yet there has been no official statement from the SABC or Tswelopele Productions.

Channel24 spoke to SABC spokesperson Ms Vuyo Mthembu who said that the broadcaster would be releasing a statement later today and had no further comment

Saturday’s final Top Billing episode at 18:00 will include no nostalgic look back, although the show’s one former host and co-executive producer Basetsana Kumalo, will appear in an insert reflecting on her “25-year journey”.

he iconic show that has adapted over the years since it was started by Patience Stevens, always showing “the best of the good life”, has made name stars of multiple walk-and-talk presenters who found fame after being hand-picked to front the glamorous lifestyle magazine show that has been a weekly staple on the SABC schedule for decades.

The show became such a permeating force in South African popular culture that people started referring to mega-mansions as “A Top Billing house” or lavish weddings as a “Top Billing wedding” – referencing the weekly mansion and over-the-top wedding day profile inserts.

Meanwhile, its walk-and-talk signature presenting style became often-imitated, widely seen as the pinnacle of what would-be presenting on local television should be.

The iconic show that moved between SABC2 and SABC3 and that weathered multiple day and time slot changes over decades managed to keep its audience as it kept up with the times, constantly evolving and adapting to changing styles.

With high production values, including overseas travel inserts and Hollywood interviews, Top Billing kept courting a high LSM viewership as one of the last remaining legacy shows on public television that managed to bring affluent viewers, highly coveted by advertisers, to the SABC.

Source: channel24