How Festivals are Saving the World


How Festivals are Saving the World

With social media on the unstoppable rise and the introduction of the Artificial Intelligence era,  people take to interacting with one another in the virtual world more and more as opposed to real time interactions.


People communicate with each other via social media platforms, chat messages and special apps on their smartphones. But face-to-face interaction is becoming something of the past.

Society on the whole is suffering. 

But is social media and AI really to blame? Can we really say they at fault?  People are busy, right? Time is money and money talks. But lets be honest. New technology has made it possible to mimic human interaction without even being in the same room. In today’s modern world, things are changing and machines are overpowering us making us more gadget-dependent. 

Just imagine what would happen if you were made to stay all alone at some place for a long period of time without your phone and any kind of interactions with people? Just give it a day and any normal person would be exhausted of the loneliness. The reason behind this is that humans are social animals and we love living amidst people.

Socializing with people is such a healthy habit.



Various research studies are being carried out to understand the value and importance of socializing with striking results regarding a wholesome human being’s development.

Festivals allow people to put their smartphones away for a while, to do away with interacting on virtual media spaces and get down to real things in real life. Like letting go, enjoying live music, food and people. Festivals are a place where people go to let their hair down and get involved in the things that interest them, with the people that interest them, – out in the majestic open.

So, Go out, meet people, and see how festivals and socializing can change your worldview and your overall wellbeing.


Here are some benefits of socializing:

• Helps in building positive and constructive relationships

• Helps improve overall growth and development of an individual.

• Stress and anxiety levels can be reduced to great extent. Solutions to problems may be found in conversation.

• Exposes an individual to various kinds of people, their mannerisms, personalities, thought processes and so on. Socializing develops better understanding of human perspectives and attributes.

• Socializing is a great tool for the development of self-confidence and self-esteem.

• Evokes feelings of happiness and joy when experiencing family and friends in real life rather than online or on a screen.

• When you socialize you gain emotional, physical and spiritual comfort.

• health benefits as research reports have shown that socializing can help in preventing age related cognitive disorders like Alzheimer’s disease. As mentioned by SAGE, socializing enhances mental functioning, as the mind is kept occupied with real thoughts.


There is no denying the fact that chats, social media, emails and video calls are highly convenient modes of remaining connected to friends and family, but they lack human touch. And excitement.

Fact remains, Human connection is vital for a beneficial society. Help save the world and your youth and attend at least two festivals a year. You have nothing to lose. LIVE. LOVE. EAT.